Rufus Kinyua Karanja is a BA Hons. graduate from the University of Nairobi with major concentrations in Political Science and Communication. He is a young proficient youth leader with a deep interest in International Relations. His main focus in International Relations is on peace building and conflict resolution in the Horn of Africa and the Middle East.

As a young Kenyan leader he has participated in various youth forums and conferences that are geared towards youth empowerment and development. He is an alumni of the Kenya Model United Nations, he has served as the Director of Wednesday Night Live show, a student talk show at the University of Nairobi, he has been interviewed severally on one of Kenya’s leading TV Networks(Citizen TV) and also on other youth related programs like Kuwa Tofauti Show on Family TV.

Rufus has participated on several major youth national and international conferences and so far has traveled to various countries in the world (South Korea, Israel, United States, Canada, Switzerland, Dubai, Tanzania, Uganda, Belgium and Netherlands). Most of his friends call him “balozi”, “ambassador” or “globe trotter”.

In 2008-2009 he did a 9 months study abroad program at Kalamazoo College in Michigan, U.S. and was ambitious enough to do a 2 months internship with one of U.S’ Congressmen in the South-West Michigan District of Kalamazoo. He describes his internship experience at Congressman Fred Upton’s office as “very challenging, informative and fun.” He is currently working as a Programme Officer at Refugee Consortium Of Kenya, a non-governmental organisation that works to promote and protect the right of refugees and other forced migrants. He has previous worked at South Consulting, a consulting firm that monitored the Kenya National Dialogue(KNDR) framework for Kofi Annan.

For Rufus, he began his leadership ambitions from a young age. Right from primary school and high school where he had several leadership roles, up to now where he is looking to end up as a career diplomat.

For him the sky is the limit and as Johnson Mwakazi, Citizen TV anchor once said of him, “…this is a young man who is yet to conquer the leadership realm with a transformed set of ideals on leadership…”


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  1. Noah Kamau
    Jul 24, 2010 @ 10:51:00

    Though this aint my field, something tells me you are already trading on the right grounds. I have gone through your pages and all I can see is a strong sense of purpose, focus….all founded on very humble beginnings.
    Go Rufus en remember with God, there is no infinity.


    • Rufus
      Jul 26, 2010 @ 04:35:30

      Thanx sana Noah, in deed with God all things are possible.


      • kangethe joe
        Aug 31, 2010 @ 10:40:25

        am just checking out your blog and dude, you really blew my mind..You really have a focus a zeal and the skills that are the antidote to your great achievements…….some of the parts of the writeups believe me just made my day…joys of adulthood..hahahahaha….greatness lays in your way

  2. Rufus Karanja
    Aug 31, 2010 @ 11:02:06

    Thanks sana Joe…I am grateful to God and our parents for providing me with the blessings and support to pursue my hearts passion…Thanks too for checking out my blog…


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