Africa Uprising

Something exciting is happening on the motherland Africa. Uprisings after uprisings. From the streets of Tunis, Algiers and now to the streets of Cairo.

People are tired of the old dictatorial regimes…When I see young and old alike taking to the streets..shouting Down with Ben Ali!! Down with Mubarak!! I get the feeling that it’s not that the people are angry with this incumbent leaders on an individual basis…rather they are angry of the despondent regimes…

Regimes that have capitalized on stealing from the public coffers, regimes that have only sought to enrich themselves at the expense of the poor citizens, regimes that only look out for the interests of their kind, forgetting that they took an oath to serve the people, to govern justly and in honor!

Take the case of the uprising in Tunisia which was triggered by a university graduate who decided to burn himself after being frustrated with the high cost of living, high rates of unemployment and lack of sense of dignity in a his own country.

Citizens of these nations are fed up at their systems of government, systems that oppress them instead of providing a form of livelihood, systems that make them feel like prisoners in their own independent nation.

This is the way to go Africa!! I am excited at how people are rising to the ocassion to demand their inherent rights. To demand that they be treated with dignity. That people are standing up to despondent regimes is a good thing for Africa. I am excited that there is a new sense of ownership in how our leaders rule. More so that people are using social websites such as twitter and facebook to create a revolution.

Yes this is it Africa. Lets rise up and demand that our forefathers who fought and paid with their lives for our independence did not die in vain. Let’s demand for proper leadership and social justice.

This is a luta continua. Nkozi Afrika!!

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