The Danger of a Single Story

I keep running, but every time I fall,
I try to walk, but my feet feel heavy,
I am trying to fit in these shoes,
These shoes that seem too big for me,
Who will save me?

I have been told that I have great potential,
Potential to achieve more than I can imagine,
But every time I feel like I am in a rat race,
I am in a maze, chasing after my share of cheese,
Who will save me from this story?

Mine has been a single story
A cookie-cutter story, well replicated by mass of humanity,
Study hard, graduate from University,
Get a job, get married, have children and wait to die,
Isn’t this what the great Wise King Solomon called Vanity?
Actually I think the right word is “Bure Kabisa!”

So I have resolved, I shan’t bother anymore,
I shan’t confine myself to this single story,
I want to write my story,
I want to read out my own story,
A story with its own plot and themes,
A story that will be read far and wide
But one that will remain true to its essence.

Will you join me my dear friend?
Come let’s sojourn together,
Join me as we soldier on.
Let’s break off from the single story syndrome.


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