*If Tomorrow Never Happened

Today as I marveled at the beauty of yet another day in my life,
I wondered,
If I hadn’t lived to see today,
What would my family have had to say about me,
Would my friends have felt the impact of my absence in their life,
And would the world even still for a moment in my honor,
Or would life just go on,

If today would have been my day of demise,
What lesson would I have passed to all I encountered,
What memory would the world have of me,
Would I leave a gap in anyone’s heart,
Or would I just be another number or statistic,
Gone to make room for someone else in the world,

It’s troubling that one can live this life and pass on living behind nothing,
I have gone through many days in my life,
now I wonder how often I rise above the crowd,

Even in the simplest of ways like putting a smile on a long face,
Or maybe sharing the little I may have with someone more deserving than myself,
Tomorrow is but a mirage,

I’m not sure I’ll be around tomorrow to share the best of me with the world,
So I take today to be my very best,
I’m not sure I’ll be here tomorrow,
So I take today to tie all my lose ends together,
To turn all the stones in my life,
So that even if I rest today,
I’ll rest in peace knowing I did my very best,
And most important I gave the very best of me,
And turned every stone on my way!

*(These words are not my own, but they helped me reflect about life)
Posted on Wednesday, September 16, 2009 at 4:48 p.m.


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