How Beautiful this Moment

I am standing out,
flake by flake it falls,
it’s white, it’s beautiful,
it’s little though,
but the whiteness of it has captured my heart,

I am standing out,
it’s not that cold, but for a Kenyan like me it’s dem cold,
oh how beautiful and gracious it falls,

I am standing out,
looking up beyond the gray sky,
from whence the white stuff is coming from,
This brings a new season in my heart,
oh how timely the fall,

I am standing out,
waiting for more, I don’t know if I should be wishing for it,
but all I know now is that I want more,
to behold the beauty of the white stuff,
for now it’s just the flakes,

I am standing out, waiting,
getting the best of this moment

(Monday, November 10, 2008 at 2:23am)


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