Asante Mama – Yet You Loved Me

I pushed, I kicked, I came out screaming,
yet you loved me,
I caused you pain beyond words can explain,
yet you loved me,

I caused you sleepless nights,
I caused you to cry many a times,
wondering why I had to be rebellious despite all the love
that you had shown me,
I caused you to worry yourself sick over me,
yet you loved me

Now I am far away from you,
yet each day you mention my name to I AM,
There are many days I go without thinking about you,
yet you don’t forget to call out my name each day,

At 18, I thought I am finally a man,
I tried out many things,
Things that I thought defined me as a man,
yet you loved me still,
I sniffed the brown leaves, I smoked my lungs black,
I raved late into the night,
yet night after night when I came home late,
I met you on the sofa,
having fallen asleep waiting for me,

Despite my constant sneers and scornful gestures at you,
and my slamming of my bedroom door before you,
you still came and tucked me in bed,
you still switched off the lights
and put away the contents of the brown bottle that I had been consuming,
yet you still loved me,

Today I take time to whisper to you
to send this note,
that I wish I would have had the time to tell you
that I love you mum,
I wish I had had more time to be with you
to sit by your side and listen again,
as you told me the wisdom of life

Today I take time to apologize for the times
I thought I knew better than you,
for the times I jeered and got angry at you,
for the times I put my earphones and put on my favorite tunes on my I-pod,
as you softly and gently reprimanded me over staying out late at night
with the boys of the hood,
for the times I asked myself why did I have to be born
in the confines of your womb
yet you loved me still

Now I realize and know that you are my heroine,
today I have hope because you taught me to believe
you taught me to be myself,
you taught me that love is all that matters,
Thank you mama
I miss you mama

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