Play Title: Tuta- Do?

SYNOPSIS: Tuta-do is a story of two students who find themselves in a catch-22 situation. Julie and Ken are fourth year finalists at the University of Nairobi who have been dating since their second year. Julie has just discovered she is pregnant and wants to procure an abortion. Ken who is the leader of one of the Christian organizations on campus is trying to persuade her not to perform the abortion. Julie has threatened to commit suicide if she doesn’t get rid of the pregnancy.


JULIE: (FIRMLY) I have to do it! I can’t stand the humiliation. Do you know what people will think or even call me. I…

KEN: (STAMMERING) Calm down, calm down switie. Are you certainly sure that in deed your pregnant?

JULIE: Of course yes! As I told you I haven’t had my pees now for the second month and I took a p.g test jana.

KEN: Oh God! (SILENCE) But switie, have you prayerfully thought about your decision of abor…aborting? Why would you want to abort? We are Christians…

JULIE: I know! But I have no other option babie! Aren’t you afraid what people will think? For starters, you are the baba of CSO for Christ’s sake!! And I am in the worship team. Everyone knows that we have been going out. Oh my God!! I just want to die!!

KEN: Switie, don’t say that you are scaring me…

JULIE: You know what? (SILENCE) I have made up my mind! I am going to do this. If not, then I am going to hang my self. I can’t live with this shame…

KEN: Hey switie, don’t say that! How can you think of such a dreadful thing? Sit down please. Let me hold you. I know you are scared and so am I. Come babie. Come sit here.

JULIE: (SIGHING) Oh gosh! How could this happen to us? It was just so…so… quick and brief…and now this. I wish we never did it.

KEN: Let’s forget about that! I am just scared about my parents and friends finding out. No! We can’t let them know! This will ruin my…our reputation. My parents will kill me if they found out…

JULIE: (SNEERING) Hmmm…and so will mine, especially my dad. I can’t even face him on kawa days when I have shidas. That’s why we have to do this babie. Actually I don’t even know why we are wasting time here. I am off!

KEN: Switie…where to? Please let’s first talk and pray about this. Don’t go.


JULIE: (ANGRILY) Where the heck is Tracy? She is always late for our chama.

SLY: (SARCASTICALLY) I guess we better start. Tracy is always late and we know whom she is with. (CHUCKLES TO SELF) I am sure she is with that boyfie of hers who is such a looser!

JULIE: Thank you so much guys for showing up even though it was on short notice. I am in a bad crisis as you all know. By the way Piches, did you get my 4-1-1 text? I sent it like an hour ago.

PICHES: (INTERRUPTING) Yah I got it while I was in class. Girl, am I shocked or what? Is it true…that you are paged? Please tell me its just one of your pranks coz I still can’t believe. You of all the people!

SLY: Gosh! But I thought you guys were smart enough to use a rubber? Better still, you should have been smart enough to do it my way. You should have used pills for crying out loud! They only cost 120 bob a pair!

PICHES: Come on Sly, cut Jue some slack. Can’t you see this is something huge.

JULIE: Please guys this is not the best time to do this.

PICHES: So what are you going to do Jue?

SLY: I think you should definitely abort!

PICHES: What! No…

TRACY: (INTERUPTING) Hey chikas! I am finally here! I am so sorry I am late. You wont believe what happened. I got into a mat and…

SLY: (DISMISSIVELY) Oh please chika. Save us the details of your kawa lies. As I was saying, you should not even think twice. You should abort it a.s.a.p!

TRACY: Hey! Wait a minute guys, that’s outrageous! With due respect Sly, abortion is not an option here. We are Christians for heaven’s sake!

JULIE: But what do I do Trace? My parents will kill me if they find out. I think Ken already hates me for being pregnant! And plus I can’t stand guys at church or at fellow. Oh gosh! I feel like such a wreck!

WAITER: Excuse me ladies, Good afternoon? Are you now ready to place your orders?

SLY: (LOUDLY) Eish dude! We have just arrived like three seconds ago, can’t you even let us settle down? And where is Maish today? At least he always has the courtesy to wait on us…

JULIE: Hey Sly, why do you always have to be so rude and un considerate? Waiter, could you please give us another five minutes or so and we will be ready to place our orders? We are also chilling for a pal of ours who is joining us, if that’s okay with you. And please excuse our friend, she is having a bad day. (IN A LOW TONE) It’s that time of the month for her.


WAITER: That’s okay with me ladies, please take as much time as you want. When you guys are ready just let me know. I was just doing my job.

SLY: Your job my foot! How can you harakisha us like that and then say that it’s your job?

TRACY: Please Sly…tuliza joh!

SLY: Alright, but he better jua how to treat cute ladies like us. Y’all jua I love taking my time and being harakishwad is not how I roll.
PICHES: Guys I know we are Christians and we have earned the “good girls” titles at campo, but seeing Jue in such a terrible state just makes me think abortion would be a good option. As in, I can’t imagine how she is going to carry a pregnancy yet she is too young to be a mama now? Besides everyone messes up once in a while…

SLY: (SARCASTICALLY) Thank you! At least someone has worn her thinking hat today unlike some holier than though people I know here!

TRACY: Come on Sly, don’t get started on me now!

JULIE: (DESPERATELY) Guys..guys…don’t start your usual arguments now. Can’t you see my life is at stake here? I have made up my mind I am going to procure an abortion! (SILENCE) Who’s with me?

SLY: (BRIGHTLY) You can count on me gal! Actually I have a doctor friend of my boyfie who I am sure can sort us out in this mess. I think I have his card somewhere in my purse. Voila!

PICHES: Jue, you know I am with you. But I am just scared. What if something happens to you? What if you develop some complications? You know…you know like what happened to Kendi.

TRACY: Yah Jue. Please don’t do this. For Christ’s sake, this is a sin! And again two wrongs don’t make a right. What is Ken’s opinion about this? Have you talked to your mentor at church?

JULIE: (RESOLUTELY) To be honest Trace, I am leaving Ken out of this decision coz he is not feeling my vibe right now. I have no option, I have to do it!



SECRETARY: Good evening! Welcome to Ultimate Solutions Clinic. How may I help you?

JULIE: Uhhmm…Hi, I am here to see a Dr. Gay? I have a 5 o’clock appointment with him.

SECRETARY: And what’s your name?

JULIE: (HESITANTLY) Uh…Julie. Julie Kavesu. Tell him it’s Sly’s friend from Umoja Estate.

SECRETARY: Okay. Please just have a sit as I inform him that you are here for the appointment.

KEN: (WORRIED) Babie, I can’t believe you dragged me into this. Are you sure this is the best thing we are doing. As in…

JULIE: Babie, what do you mean? I thought you said you are doing this for us. Besides, Sly says Dr. Gay is the best in town for this kind of things.

KEN: But switie, I am scared. What if someone saw us coming here?

JULIE: (ANGRILY) I can’t believe you just asked that! You are just worried about someone seeing us instead of worrying about me, about our future together. Good gracious!

KEN: Jue, that’s not what I meant. I meant that we shouldn’t be here and doing this ungodly thing in the first place.

SECRETARY: Uhhhmm, excuse me Julie, unfortunately Dr. Gay can’t see you right now.

JULIE: (DISAPPOINTED) Oh no! Why? But he had assured me of the appointment. Kwani what’s up with him?

SECRETARY: There is one of the clients who has an emergency and Daktari has had to attend to her. I suggest that you come back tomorrow early in the morning if that is okay with you guys. He will be in the office by 7 a.m.

JULIE: Okay then, we will come back tomorrow first thing in the morning. Right babie?

KEN: (HESITANTLY) Uhhh…yah…sure…we will.

SECRETARY: Please take this form and fill it as you come tomorrow. Have a good night and be safe!

KEN: (IN A LOW TONE) Babie did you hear that, probably it’s a complication due to abortion…

JULIE: Shut up Ken! How can you think like that? (ANGRILY) I am not even walking with you back to campus!

KEN: (APOLOGETIC) I am so sorry babie. I was just concerned about… Please wait…wait for me.



KEN: Come on babie, please pick up the phone. (SILENCE) Now why aren’t you picking up my calls? Damn!! I can’t believe this. Oh God, give me the strength and wisdom to go through this. It’s like a nightmare. I don’t want Julie to undergo the abortion but again I don’t want a baby. I am too young to be a father now. How do I even face my friends and family? Oh God help me please…what do I do?



JULIE: (IN A SOBBING TONE) I love you babie but I am not picking your calls now. I just need some me time. (SILENCE) Oh God! How did we ever come to this point? I feel like such a wreck and a hypocrite. God, will you…will you ever forgive me for this? (SILENCE) I am so sorry for letting you down. Please hear me as I kneel down.


DR. GAY: Good morning!

JULIE: Morning!

DR. GAY: Let me see if I have this correctly. Is your name Julie?

JULIE: Yah it’s Julie. Julie Kavesu.

DR. GAY: Please have a sit. I hope you don’t mind that the fan is on early this morning. For some weird reason it’s too hot in this office.

JULIE: No. I don’t mind. I am Sly’s pal…Sly… from Umoja Estate.

DR. GAY: Oh sure! I know her very well. She is my friend’s girlfriend. And how is she doing?

JULIE: Well, she is okay…si you just know Sly.

DR. GAY: Ahh…she is quite some girl. A small girl with a big attitude, if you know what I mean. (CHUCKLES TO SELF) And where is your boyfriend? My secretary informs me that you had come yesterday with him?

JULIE: Uhhmm…unfortunately he couldn’t make it. A seven o’clock appointment is too early for him. (SILENCE) But to be honest, right now we are not in good speaking terms.

DR. GAY: And why so?

JULIE: Uhh…well, to begin with he is kinda angry that I am pregnant, which is no fault of mine and secondly he is not feeling this vibe of me abo…aborting. Thirdly, I am just…

DR. GAY: Well I can understand that maybe he is scared about the outcome of the abortion but how can he be angry that your pregnant? Kwani you got pregnant by yourself?

JULIE: (FIRMLY) Exactly! I am just so mad at him now. He is so selfish. He is just worried about his reputation with his friends and his position at the CSO…that’s our Christian Society Organization on campus…

DR. GAY: So you are a Christian eeeehh?

JULIE: Well, I am…I was…(SILENCE) but now I just don’t jua anymore…

DR. GAY: Anyway, let’s cut out all this hullabaloo. (SILENCE) To be very sincere have you carefully thought about this decision? I mean, you understand that you will have to live with it for the rest of your life? I am sure from our brochure you have read some of the things you will experience by having to…


DR. GAY: Aren’t you going to answer that?

JULIE: No! It’s Ken, my boyfriend, probably he is just wondering where I am but I am not going to pick it up. Please just go on.

DR. GAY: As I was explaining to you. Here at Ultimate Solutions we offer girls like you a second chance at life and correcting mishaps like yours. However we do not guarantee you that this chance will be any easier on your conscience but we guarantee you that we are the best in town for this kind of thing…actually we call it a pro-choice procedure.

JULIE: I understand all that. All I want is to get rid of this pregnancy a.s.a.p and get my life back. I can’t live with the shame and guilt that is killing me right now. Please help me daktari.

DR. GAY: Don’t worry, that’s why we are here. But I have to make you understand that what we do here…(IN A LOW TONE) We do it chini ya maji and you as a client have to promise that you will not disclose our operations to any one apart from someone you know very well.(SILENCE) I mean we are doing you a favor. Do you understand?

JULIE: (HESISTANTLY) I…I…understand. So how much is the procedure?

DR. GAY: Well, the cost depends on the kind of procedure that we undertake. From the form that you filled, I see that it’s been only two months since you discovered that you are pregnant. Right? So your procedure will cost only KSH. 6000.

JULIE: (SURPRISED) Oh Gosh! I didn’t jua it’s that expensive.

DR. GAY: Uhhh…well, actually your procedure is even cheaper and given that you are a friend of Sly, I am giving you very favorable rates.

JULIE: And how safe is the procedure? I am just afraid if anything wrong were to happen…

DR. GAY: Well, as you probably read a disclaimer in the form you signed, we can not guarantee you a 100% that all will be well, but I can tell you that I have been in this business for 15 years and most of my operations have been successful. Don’t worry! I am confident that your procedure will work out just fine.

JULIE: I really hope so because I can’t afford getting a complication or…

DR. GAY: someone like you who has a healthy body, it will be okay. However I would really like you and your boyfriend to visit our counselor first before going on with the procedure.

JULIE: Trust me daktari…

DR. GAY: Please call me Gay. No need for formalities here…

JULIE: Well, trust me right now all I want is to get rid of this pregnancy a.s.a.p. By the way, I don’t have the cash now can we schedule the procedure like on Thursday or Friday?

DR. GAY: No problem, I know for a student like you getting this amount of money is not easy. Thursday is fine with me. I will request Njeri, my secretary to book the appointment for you.

JULIE: Well, thank you so much daktar…oh sorry, thank you so much Gay. I really hope to get the chapa by Thursday.

DR. GAY: I hope so too. All the best in everything and take it easy, all will be well. Pass my love to Sly and tell her to come say hi sometime.

JULIE: Sawa I will. Have a nice day.


KEN: (ANGRILY) Babie where have you been? You jua how worried I have been since jana? Then your phone is mteja… I have been worried sick over you. Kwani where have you been?

JULIE: I have been at Dr. Gay’s office this morning. Jana evening I was in my room after you made me so mad. From jana’s talk you seemed disinterested in this mpango so I decided to have some me time.

KEN: Disinterested? What do you mean? I took you all the way to Afya Centre! How can you say that I am not interested? We are in this mess together. Jana was just too much for me, I was yet to come to terms with the whole thing’i of you being pregnant.

JULIE: Mmmh..yah right? But why did you sound like…like you were angry at me for being pregnant and wanting to abort?

KEN: Uhhhm..uhhhm…I was not mad. How can I be mad at you that you are pregnant? I was just worried babie. I didn’t expect all this to happen…not now…and certainly not to us.

JULIE: Then please stop making me feel as if I am the one to blame for this whole mess. Now that you don’t want me to abort, what do you suppose that we should do? Babie tuta-do?

KEN: First, stop even mentioning that word arbo…it makes me sick to the stomach. Babie we are Christians for Christ sake!

JULIE: Ken, to be very honest, don’t give me that Christian talk again! I know we are Christians and I can even quote for you all the scriptures on sex and abortion. Right now all I care is how to sort out this mess. (SILENCE) By the way the procedure will cost 6k.

KEN: What! 6000 shillings? Now where will we get that kind of money from?

JULIE: Dr. Gay booked me for the procedure this Thursday.

KEN: Babie, you mean you already made arrangements about this? Why didn’t you let us first talk about this?

JULIE: (ANGRILY) Talk? What is there to talk about surely? You in the first place don’t want me even to mention the word abortion? Secondly, you categorically stated that you don’t want either of your parents nor your friends to know about this. I therefore decided that I will take care of this mess myself!

KEN: Babie, please calm down. Why are you mad? And why are you shouting at me?

JULIE: But switie, you make me feel like I am alone in this…like I am the one who is to blame for the mess we are in.

KEN: Hey, I love you. And like I said, we are in this together. I am sorry if I have made you feel like you are alone. Please don’t shut me out of this.


JULIE: Hello! Sasa Piches. I am in Ken’s room. No, I couldn’t make it for class but I need to see you a.s.a.p. Yah I am just from Dr. Gay’s office. When we meet I will give you the 4-1-1 about it. Okay see you soon chika. Bye. (SILENCE) Babie I have to go…

KEN: (PROTESTINGLY) Where to? Do you really have to go now? Please let’s talk. You have not even stayed for ten minutes.

JULIE: I have to talk with Piches before her next Statistics class which starts in an hour’s time.

KEN: Okay babie, I will try look for that money. Sawa? Please jua I love you sana. We need to schedule time and talk over this thing kabisa.

JULIE: Sawa. See you soon.

KEN: Am I not getting a hug?


KEN: Damn! What’s happening to us? Ama I am being unrealistic? I should probably just agree on this whole abortion issue. God! Nita-do?



a.s.a.p – as soon as possible

p.g test – pregnancy test

pees – monthly period

CSO – Christian Society Organization

Harakishwad – to be made to hurry in doing something

Boyfie – boyfriend

Pal – a friend

Chini ya maji – something done covertly, against the law

Nita-do – what will I do

Chikas – word used among girlfriends


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