Never Again

Did you hear the cry of the little ones;
As they were led to the gas chambers;
Did you see that Hutu man;
Hacking to death his neighbor’s family;
Did you see the boys and girls of Darfur;
Walking barefooted across the deserted plains;
Under the scorching sun;

Let us remember;
Let us commemorate;
Lest we should forget
The day our humanity failed us;

Why remember?
You ask
Why allow yourself to relive the pain?

We remember so that we can learn from the past;
We remember to honor the lives
Of the millions slaughtered at Auschwitz camps;

Post Election Violence (Kenya 2008)

We remember to honor
The thousands buried in mass graves in Kigali;
To honor that Bosnian young couple
That elderly Armenian woman;
Who were all taken away from us
When our humanity failed us

Why such atrocities? Why such inhumanity?
Yet we say we are humans
Who love, who care, who profess a faith
Let us all stand to say
Never again

Never again should we see
Young innocent Darfuris die by the gun;
Never again should we allow our humanity to fail us
Never again should one tribe butcher another;
Never again should we allow another Shoa
Another genocide, another 9/11, another post-election violence;
Never again should we forget,
We are humans, We are one
Never again!


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