A Tribute To Mama

My mum is no Benazir Bhuto nor Wangari Maathai;
She is neither a Michelle Obama nor Ann Njogu
Of our times;

But in her own modest yet awesome way;
She stands out as a shero
Whom the world can recognize and admire;
You’ve never seen her on NTV, Al Jazeera nor on CNN
But in my own world
She is a daily newsworthy item;

Daily she wakes up early
To prep my little sister for school;
And while I am pulling off a 3rd dream
She is busy preparing tea for me
And my siblings;

Throughout the day
She cleans, she scrubs, she toils;
And what amazes me is that:
with no murmuring or bitterness
She serves every meal with a cheerful heart;

My mama seats on no Security Council meetings;
Neither does she attend high profile meetings;
But daily she holds peace talks and reconciliation meetings
When my siblings and I are at no good speaking terms;

I still remember the good old days of utotoni;
When my brother and I would be at each other’s throats
Fighting for the best toy,
Fighting for the front car seat,
Fighting to sleep on the right side of the bed,
And daily blaming each other for mistakes we had done;
But with love and care my mama would reprimand us
She just had a way with the rod
But always embracing us;

My mama has daily been a leader, a diplomat, a human rights activist;
But most of all she has been my mama, our mama,
And my first love;

Dear mama;
I write this tribute to you
Because CNN may not notice you, Jeff wa Koinange may not invite you
To his bench and cry out “Good gracious”, “What a show” “What a Guest”;
But I write to tell you;
That you are my shero mama!

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. bonney tunya
    Jul 24, 2010 @ 11:06:27

    hey impressive i like the idea of profiling your self…lots of sheng too.good work.


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