Joys of Adulthood

So if you happened to see me leo I was walking with a swagger and a big Wako smile. Reason being: I just got my Driving Licence!! It’s such a big thing for me! You wouldn’t understand how am feeling if you aint Kenyan…. This is a Kenyan story…sorry…

You see in Kenya there are three documents that one feels so happy after acquiring them. A Birth Certificate, an I.D and a Driving Licence. For most Kenyans, getting a hold of these documents is a nightmare. For example, it took me nearly an year and a half to get my I.D even after having attained the universal suffrage age of 18. For your information, my case is even better, there are guys who get their I.D’s after like 3 years. But am glad that things are now changing in our government ministries.

Well you wonder why such a fuss in getting a D.L? Dude! It’s liberating!! Getting a D.L means you are over 18!! That liberating 18th year that gives one the legal right to be an adult. An adult entitled to vote yes or no on a plebiscite or an election. An adult with the right to partake the contents of the brown bottle or jet fuel if you can only afford a ten bob. An adult who can choose whether to pay your tithe to Finger of God ministries or Jehovah Wanyonyi ministries.

I was happy to get my D.L coz I feel like now I have joined the league of adults. As I walked out of the Post Office I had a swagger. I am glad that I got my license without having to pay some karao kitu kidogo(Kenya’s euphemism for corruption) and that the money I spent for going to a Driving school was not in vain. I am not discouraged that I am still too far away from getting my ka share of vits and with impunity faithfully contribute my share to furthering climate change or driving through the dreaded Nairoberry streets. I am just happy I got my DL!! Do you feel me? It’s just a Kenyan thingi.



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