Soul Cravings

Can you hear my voice,
Can you feel my heartbeat,
Can you see my feeble state,
Can you free me

I rise and fall,
all about me,
dust, darkness, chaos,
shadows following me,
who will free me

I have fear in me,
will I be the best that I am expected to be,
will I rise above this storm,
my heart’s been torn apart,
my face is scarred,
my back is clawed,
my identity is taken away,
I want to reach out

Oh the stench of this cell,
I am a prisoner of my self,
Oh the defeaning screams,
the shattering of dreams,
the slipping away of hopes,
of friendships, of lovings, of intimacies,
I crave to be free

I stand before the mirror,
And like in a mirage,
I see me fading away,
I want to run,
I want to cut,
Can you free me

Alas! I now see some light,
But my head feels heavy,
I can’t take this anymore,
Can you free me

Yah, I see your hand,
I am rising to reach out,
But wait…don’t go yet…,
Please don’t leave me here,
I am scared

I am tired of running,
I am tired of the cuts on my body,
I have punished my self for far too long,
I am tired of this mask,
This mask that I have been masquerading in,
I am tired of carrying this shell

I am waiting for you,
Can you free me

What’s your soul craving?


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