Why them? Why her? Why him?

My heart can’t stop asking? I received the news in much shock;
I wish I was there, to sit by your bed and hold your hand;
To watch you sleep and be there when you open your eyes;
To tell you, It’s okay and you will be fine…,
Sad news have a way of startling one back into reality;
Life is precious;

Many are the things I take for granted;
a sound mind, no pain, no white hospital ceilings to watch all night and
wander ‘when is morning coming by?’; For my family, friends and loved ones,
to come visit with me, to laugh with me, to pray with me, to try and cheer me up;
Why them? Why Her? Why Him?

I am far away, but all of you are in my thoughts and prayers;
As the night slowly passes away, I silently stand and stare at the stars;
Wishing that you would hear me whisper a prayer for you;
For your quick recovery;
For nothing I long for than to behold your smile,
your cheerfulness, your optimism for life, your enthusiasm …,
I am glad that He still semas; I am who I am;
I pray that joy and peace will flood your thoughts, mind and heart;
I know it’s a hard time for you now, but I want you to know;
I am says, I am….
Why them? Why Her? Why Him?

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