An epitaph-defining moment

Sad news have a way of checking us back to reality;
The reality that life is short and precious;
That nothing in this world is permanent;
Many a times we take what we have for granted;
The life we have; the friends; the enemies; parents…;
Of late I have been trying to figure out and
chew the wisdom of Juliani. He spat out that:
“wanabeba madovu kwa wallet;
lakini hawawezi jitoa kwa casket…”
you may think you have it figured out;
but in a split second,
everything goes just like the wind;

This week has been full of drama and sad moments;
From the post-election protests in Iran;
the bloody shooting of Neda,
who has now become the symbol of the demonstrations;
The embarrassing confession of Governor Mark Sanford
on having an affair with a “dear dear friend” in Argentina;
The passing away of Farrah Fawcett of Charlie’s Angels;
and most recently the great sad news of MJ’s death;
Gosh! This is just too much in one week!

Honestly, I don’t know how to feel;
sadness, empathy, remorse, pity,…
I barely knew any of these people
in a personal way or in the common way of “a friend of a friend”;
but somehow I feel a sense of connection;
You see it’s part of humanity to feel connected;
from the moonwalk dances of MJ;
to Neda’s courageous shouts on the streets of Tehran
“Death to the Dictator!!” “Al_h is great!!”
and to the remorseful confession of Gov. Sanford
“I have been unfaithful to my wife..sob..sob…”

I pen down this note first as a tribute to Neda, MJ, Fawcett
and to any of your loved one who has passed away;
but secondly and most importantly as a reflective tribute to myself;
I am asking myself;
If I was to go beyond this world;
to the place where Optimus Prime comes from and Wallie’s world;
or where Angel Gabriel resides or the world beyond our depleted ozone layer;
what legacy will I leave behind? Will there be one person
or many people gathered at my unveiling into glory?
As of now I can barely hear the words and the songs;
“Here lies …. ” “He was….” “I knew him as…”
In a mirage I can see me…wait..I am fading away…
I must say that I am blessed;
At least I have the opportunity to continue writing my epitaph;

I once heard that,
when we were born we came out crying
but everyone else was happy, crying with joy;
so the real question is, “When death shall take me away, will I be happy or shall I join in the mourning of a life wasted?”
What’s ua hatua? What do you want your epitaph to read?


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Ledama Olekina 2012 – The future is Kenya

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Media – Ledama Olekina 2012

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