ENTERPRISE – Youth group shows the way to prosperity

ENTERPRISE – Youth group shows the way to prosperity

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Reflection on the of Tale of Pirates and a “Savior”

“Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends.”
(John 15:13)
This past weekend I was curious to follow up on the unfolding saga in the deep seas of the Indian Ocean where an American Cargo ship had been kidnapped by a bunch of pirates from the lawless land of Somalia. It was interesting to watch the headlines of various major news sources and most of all to learn about new developments of the situation as it unfolded. Of concern to me was the timing that this took place. Well it was Pesach (Pasaka, Passover, Easter..just another reason to have a holiday …or whatever suits you and your faith) So Capt. Richard Phillips decided to offer himself as a hostage and tried to save the rest of his crew when the pirates decided to capture the ship. This really made me to be curious. Why did he decide to do this? Why would anyone in his right minds choose to give up his safety or put himself at risk for the sake of others? What was going through his mind as he did this? Did he think of his beloved wife?:-)
From my view point, I think Capt. Phillips must be a great selfless person and I am sure when he get’s back home, President Obama will accord him a great medal for his selflessness and courage, but this is not my point. I was totally amazed that the unfolding of this saga took place during a time when we celebrate Easter, a time when we remember of the crucifiction, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Now I have been trying to ask my self could this event have been a sign from God to remind us that even today we can still look around at current events and remember of His death and the virtue of us learning to be selfless towards our friends. I don’t know if Capt. Phillips did this “saving act” because he so loved his crew?, (if at all they are his friends or just work mates) or if he was just doing it out of duty where the Captains have to take personal responsibility of their crew members in moment of danger? (Of course much credit also has to be given to the three U.S Navy Seal’s sharpshooters who gunned down the pirates with precise accuracy.)
But friends, I want you to thoughtfully consider the fact that this incident happened at a time when we are meant to remember of Christ’s love for us, that He laid down his life for us, that he did this because He loved us and what jazzes me is that He loved us even before we loved Him. So my challenge to you this week is that take time to do a selfless deed to someone.


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