Being the change agent

I must say that I am deeply humbled and honored to have this opportunity to share my thoughts and reflections on this auspicious day as we commemorate the birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

What I admire most of Dr. Luther King Jr. and a lesson that I cherish the most, is that he dared to act and step out of his comfort zone. By him deciding to participate in the non-violent demonstration in Alabama, he was stepping out of the norm. The norm of having to just sit by and look down on himself and agree with the circumstances as they were. It is my view that if we are to connect with society it is until when we choose to be the change that we desire to see in our spheres of influence. In the world we live in, we all have our own spheres of influence, like here at K, your sphere could be the class you are in, your circles of friends, your basketball or football team mates..your work mates..your roommate….and we all have a potential to initiate change in the small or big issues that affect you.

In my experience as a student with a desire to pursue Diplomacy as a career, my ambitions have been shaped and inspired by a zeal to do things differently and to pursue leadership in a transformed way. The best way for me to do this is to get my self informed as far as leadership is concerned and to daily take up opportunities by engaging constructively and meaningfully in the circumstances as they may be. To be honest most of the times I feel the urge to just be passive and hang the “Don’t disturb or Don’t engage” sign on my mental frame but alas I find that that’s not being productive or helpful at all. A good example of this is my Kenyan experience where the fact of the matter and the narrative has always been that Politics is a dirty game or that all Politicians are corrupt. But I choose not to tag along that path.

The best way I see for us to reclaim our voice in society is when we choose to step into either being part of the problem or being part of the solution. The world we live in today is coupled by somewhat complex or easy issues depending on how you choose to look at the proverbial half full or half empty glass paradigm. But what’s of importance is that in the same wavelength our world today has become a global village and an instant generation where with the help of such powerful e-networking tools such as Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Google earth we are able to be more integrated into our society. Hence there is no room for being passive. Today we are able to interact and share at an instant at the power of our fingertips such that what happens today in the troubled towns of Harare, Zimbabwe or Zderot ,Israel or be it in Mogadishu,Somali we are able to be informed at an instant something that I love to do. Because I believe that there is such a formidable power in self-development through information sharing and my take is that despite our diversity in our opinion of various issues or our mental paradigms, I see that if we could be able to harness and synergies our diversity into strength through constructive dialogue and practical action points, then our sphere of influence would be different. For me I choose to be active. I choose to engage constructively with the issues in my sphere of influence by being the change I want to see and taking up my mantle of encouraging others towards this path for I know that I may not have all knowledge and capacity to cause global change but I have learnt that an imperfect voice is better than a perfect silence.

Therefore friends, Today I urge you all to step out of your comfort zones and be the change you want to see in your sphere of influence.

Thank you.

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