Unapologetically African – Reflection on Study Abroad

I am unapologetically African,
Yes this place is such a great and beautiful place to be at;
Yes the food at the mess is a buffet; I get to choose whether to eat pizza, macaroni, chicken…;
Luxuries that I only get once or twice in a semester back at home;
Yes my room has wireless internet connection, a book rack, chest drawers, a room-fixed phone and a private bathroom; but I choose to remember where I am from;
It is easy for one to come here and forget the most important thing: I am Kenyan.
I am here for a while, I pray you my heart, fail me not;
That I should indulge in the thoughts of thinking nimefika;
I pray you my hands that laziness should not find a safe haven in you;
I am here for a while;

Great was the day I carried our Kenyan flag during convocation ceremony;
Proud I felt, yet scared at the same time; Many eyes looked up me; as if I carried the whole nation of Kenya; I pray you oh Lord; establish me in your favor;
Having to be in a new place bequeaths one with great expectations and fear; but I pledge to till my books; for my future and for those that love me, inspire me and look up to me;
Many things are different here; from the weather, the food, the people; how I miss CMB (Chapati Mbili Beans) at the Mamlaka B mess; here I have all sorts of variety;
If I want milk I must choose from a list, skimmed milk, 2% milk…, If I want sugar, I must choose if I want beetroot sugar, sugarless sugar(psyche) or something else;
Oh how at times I miss the simplicity of our life; I am unapologetically African;

But again I shan’t complain; for many are they who would trade my place in a split second;
I appreciate its a great privilege and favor from above to be here; so I hastily adjust;
As I have been sent here as an ambassador of my people; to show the world thattime and chance happen to us all; the race of life is not for the swift neither is it for the strong; its for them who use their God-given Witt;
In looking out for opportunities and taking up them;
A great friend once said of me, ‘opportunities don’t knock at our doors, they pass by our doors. Its upto us to know when they are passing by and we grab them’;

‘The future is you….’ were the words my dad said of me as I left home; I am still figuring out his wisdom; but as in a glimpse of mirage; I think the future is what I make it to be; I may not have all the money in the world, neither fame nor even win the lottery; but I choose to make an impact for my time and generation;

God has bequeathed me a great asset: time;
I am here for a while; I am unapologetically African.


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