A Leap into 2009

Its day two of 2009 and I am feeling quite positive about this new year. Over the few seconds into 2009, I was standing at downtown in Kalamazoo, MI with a couple of my friends here and we were all gazing up in the air for the soon to be a spectacular view of Fireworks that were going to usher the dawn of yet another year. As I stood there, brazing the below 0 degrees and as the cold Michigan midwinter breeze was blowing away from my face, I was just thoughtless. Throughout the day I was not so enthusiastic as my friends were about the new year. It’s kinda funny because most of the time I am always so excited about New Years. May be its because I am far away from home, away from my good buddies Bonney, GG, Mumo and the rest…But soon crackling sounds and bright flashes of light soon rented the air and in a split second the dark and misty sky was fully coloured with a spectacular display of fireworks.

Everyone around me started to cheer…but wait I have to first say that as we counted 5,4,3,2,1…I thought to my self, what if something out of the ordinary happened…like maybe the sky just out of a sudden just opened and there were bright flashes of light or our bodies suddenly changed to other forms just to signify a difference of another year…Anyways that is wishful thinking I thought to myself

But as everyone started to hug and kiss all over and as the fireworks display went about, I just said a prayer and thanked God for the gift of new year..This year for me has begun in a rather sad note. I just received news from home that my favorite aunt has stroke and she actually spent christmas under a critical condition at the hospital. She is one of my favorite aunts and the news was quite a shock for me. Then of course there is the ongoing conflict in Gaza where Israel has launched an onslaught on Hamas and the conflict is now entering its 7th day. I feel kinda sad that things have to begin the new year under this note…but I will soon be writing a blog on this so let me spare my keyboard for now…

As I step into 2009, I am confident in God that this is going to be a unique victorious year for me. I don’t know excatly what’s in store but I am committing it to God.I have 5 months here at Kalamazoo College before I back home and I am hoping that by the time i will be done I will have made substantial networks and relationships so that I can be able to come back and do my masters in Diplomacy somewhere in the U.S. Its been an interesting journey and experience here and I have more to write about that since that’s the reason I have sign up for this blog

So at least I can check out one of my new year’s resolution-To have a blog!! So I hope that who ever will have a chance to read it will be edified as I live out my life to impact not only my self but also those that God has put within my sphere of influence.



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